SPRD Preschool Mission Statement & Philosophy


SeedOur Mission Statement

~ We educate the whole child. ~ We plant the seed and start to grow the roots of a child’s education.


Our Philosophy

Here at Sisters Community School-SPRD, it is our philosophy to provide an enriching program that fits the needs of both the students and their families.  We believe there should be a partnership between our preschool and our families.  We believe that children need both their social and emotional needs met, as well as readiness for their following year (Pre-Kindergarten and/or Kindergarten).  Our preschool is an enrichment program.  We include outdoor adventure, natural discovery, art, science, music, math, literacy preparations and motor skills in our curriculum.   It is our goal for each student to grow and develop as an individual, as well as learn what it means to be a part of a group.