Kindergarten Links


This page has links for websites that contain information for Kindergarten students.

ImageComputer Skills

It is time to practice some of your computer skills.
Remember: Don’t look at the mouse when you move it. Keep your eyes on the monitor.

  1. Mouse Practice
  2. Build A Snowman
  3. Easter Egg Hunt
  4. Mouse Activities
  5. Feed the Monster
  6. Flower Garden
  7. Decorate the Dollhouse



Math is fun. It is time to practice some of your math and computer skills at the same time.

  1. Math Lessons
  2. How Many?
  3. Manipulatives
  4. Basic Math



Are you ready to do some reading?

  1. Learn to Read
  2. Pounce
  3. Lionel’s Talking Gizmo
  4. Reggie Loves to Rhyme
  5. The ABC’s Zoo Learning Game
  6. Chicken Stacker
  7. ABC Match


ImageFarm Theme

Do you know animals are found on a farm? What do they eat? What sounds do they make?

Farm Animals & Games

  1. Sounds of Farm Animals
  2. Animal Sounds Game
  3. Moo Milk
  4. Connect-the-Dots
  5. All About Farm Animals
  6. Animal Farm Game
  7. Farm Animals
  8. CBeebies

ImageFarm Coloring

  1. Bull
  2. Chickens
  3. Cow
  4. Cow in Flowers
  5. Deer
  6. Dogs
  7. Duck
  8. Horse
  9. Rabbit
  10. Turkey
  11. Turtle


ImageButterfly Theme

Butterflies flitter all over the place. What was once a fat and juicy caterpillar is now a beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly Images

  1. Kentucky Butterflies
  2. Butterfly Pictures

Butterfly Puzzles

  1. Monarch Butterfly
  2. Monarch Butterflies
  3. Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar

Butterfly Coloring

  1. Butterfly