First Grade Links

This page has links for websites that contain information for First Grade students.

Computer SkillsComputer Skills

It is time to practice some of your computer skills.
Remember: Don’t look at the mouse when you move it. Keep your eyes on the monitor.

  1. Mouse Practice
  2. Build A Snowman
  3. Mouse Concentration
  4. Computer Vocabulary
  5. Take a Trip
  6. Mouse Activities
  7. Make a Pizza
  8. Create a Car
  9. Build a House



Math is fun. It is time to practice some of your math and computer skills at the same time.

  1. AAA Math
  2. Subtraction
  3. Place Value
  4. Telling Time
  5. Busy Bees
  6. Base Ten Count
  7. Learn to Count Money
  8. Addition
  9. Fractions
  10. Bang on Time
  11. Counting by a Number
    1. Skip Counting
    2. Curious George in High Five
    3. Adventure Man and the Counting Quest



Creating something from something else is cool.

  1. Sesame Street Art Maker
  2. Brushster
  3. 3-D Twirler
  4. Jungle
  5. Color Factory
  6. Color, Draw & Paint



Are you ready to do some reading?

  1. Learn to Read
  2. PBS Reading Games
  3. Alphabet Soup
  4. Storyline
  5. Pounce
  6. A B C D Watermelon


Map / DirectionsMap / Directions

Knowing how to read a map is very important. After all, nobody likes to get lost. When you are able to follow directions, you can always get to your destination.

  1. Capital Catch
  2. Puzzled States
  3. Name the Continents
  4. Map Test
  5. US Map



Everything we have today comes from people inventing things. They study something, and then create it.

  1. Animal Habitats for Kids
  2. Frogland
  3. Animal Quiz
  4. Frog Life Cycle
  5. Solar System
  6. Human Body
  7. Food Chain


Feelings / FriendshipFeelings / Friendship

A good friend will always stick by your side and support you. Feelings can make you feel happy, sad, mad, jealous, etc. Learn to understand what you are feeling.

  1. About Face
  2. The Feelings Game