Garden Club


Garden ClubWelcome to the SES Garden Club! The goal of our program is to create a closer connection between children and their food as well as show them how fun and exciting gardening can be. Sisters Elementary School has a greenhouse where students learn about the cycles of the earth, all of the necessary components of plant growth, how to take care of plants, worm composting, all about soil, seed collecting, plant identification, tasting produce, and more.

Garden Club sessions culminate in the annual Garden Fair in May or June. Every spring the Garden Club helps to start and grow plants, flowers, and worms, both to take home and sell at the fair. The Garden Fair helps fund our classes and activities, as well as bring the garden community together. No student wishing to be in Garden Club will be denied enrollment, there is no cap on students. We would love to have your child in a Garden Club class this year!

While we do have returning volunteers, there is always need for new class leaders and assistants. Naturally, as children move from elementary into middle school we lose a few parent helpers. If you can be of assistance, check the areas in which you can help on your child’s enrollment form.

Garden Club sessions meet one or two days a week depending on the grade level of the students. Lunch time sessions meet in the greenhouse behind the school, after school sessions meet on the steps by the stage before heading to the greenhouse. Please contact the Garden Club adviser or the SES front desk for an enrollment form and schedule.

Advisor: Claire Londagin

Claire Londagin

Claire Londagin