Teacher Appreciation Week was celebrated May 2 – 6, 2016 to honor all of our Sisters teachers who work so hard to make learning enjoyable in our district. Below is what some of our students had to say about the teachers they hold near and dear to their hearts:

SMSAppreciationWeek“I really appreciate Ms. Rose because she’s always at the school late and she works really hard to make school easier and happier. She’s really happy all the time.”

SHSAppreciationMrs. Hammer treats me like an adult and I really appreciate that. She lets me grow up and has given me the freedom to speak my opinion.”

SESAppreciation“Ms. Elliot is always here and she teaches me ABCs. She helps me do homework and gives us free choice time. She makes it fun with free choice time and book time.”

SESAppreciation“I appreciate Mr. Warburton because he’s really funny and I think he’s really great at being a teacher. I really like learning from him. It’s amazing.”